Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's Saturday. Off we go to the farmers' market.

In the meantime, things are starting to calm down around here a bit. Keep your fingers crossed.

Boulevard flowers seen last night:
Boy-child with the classic, "Who, me?" expression:

Girl-child with a pair of fantabulistic glasses received yesterday (thanks again):
The last of the peonies:


Fede said...

¡Feliz sábado! Sí. Me ha gustado ver esas fotos.
Aquí, a las 9 de la tarde (7 horas menos en Saint Paul), volvemos a representar Yerma, de García Lorca. Como seguro que va a ser un éxito, os lo dedico a vosotros.
Besos y abrazos.

Suzique said...

love the news, totally love the pix!!!

Ironic said...

I had one full peony plant pilfered yesterday. We caught the couple down the street cutting the blooms without our permission. Vengance was swift....

Anonymous said...

Oh, good!