Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Sock Monkey

Although I shouldn't be starting anything new...I couldn't help myself...and I started a sock monkey for Girl-child using only leftovers (per her request):
The feet are from a favorite pair of socks that she actually wore out, the blue is from my recently finished Poseidons and the little guy's shirt is going to be in the Franklin's Panopticon colorway - the little ball on the right.

And did you hear? The most challenged book of 2008, And Tango Makes Three, has become a real story. The Bremerhaven zoo has some gay penguins who "adopted" an abandoned egg and they are now rearing the chick as their own.

It's karma.


Anonymous said...

Do you think what's his name ... that Republican radio guy ... you know, the one that has raised the issue of Sotomayor being a racist ... do you think he has heard of this ... those penguins will be his next rant, eh?
(I do know his name ... just didn't want to put it in your blog comments)

Anonymous said...

Awesome story.

Suzique said...

love the blue
love the book