Saturday, March 24, 2012

So, I found this in the StarTribune today, and I thought it was so clever I went to Newsday to find others by the same guy - there's a good collection of his work here.

I am shirking my duties as a citizen this weekend, though, as I am skipping the DFL convention on Sunday. Too much to do. I've got an interview this week and then a week from Sunday I'll be going to Santa Fe (finally) with Boy-child to look at another school.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Isn't this image great? The iPad of the article here.

And speaking of books, I'm reading Still Life With Woodpecker, and enjoying it quite a bit. I was trying to figure out how I had missed it, and then realized it came out in 1980, when I was a university student, and adjusting to life in the US after Spain, and coming to terms with Ronald Reagan being elected. Maybe that's one of the reasons I'm liking it so much; remembering 1980 as the best and the worst of times...Thanks Bryan & co., for telling me about it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

June in March

The weather has been freakishly warm, so I've been out walking.

Taking the bus is something I miss a lot. I miss walking and noticing what's happening around the neighborhood and even chatting it up with the other passengers.

I'm guessing the person who lost this glove doesn't even remember losing it, given that it was nearly 80 degrees out again today.

I did a little shopping; haven't done much of that in ages.

The shop that abandoned Friday Knit Night last spring hosted a knit night on Friday, but it was a disappointment. Without Jean there, I guess there's not much point going to the shop. I hate to say it, but Starbuck's is more comfortable, has good wireless and yummy stuff to eat and drink.

And did I mention I finished the Cold Mountain shawl? Can't figure out how to photograph it though...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Wow!

My thanks to The Kat (again) for drawing my attention to this:

There is an article about it here and crochetme has a piece on it here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unbelievable. Bis.

Two incredible tidbits today.

1) Tide on the black market; apparently very valuable. Yes, as in the laundry detergent. I especially like the fact that West St Paul made mention in the article: probably from the Target I used to go to while Girl-child was in ballet class. (Thanks to Mental Floss - water cooler ammo email for this).

2) The most incredible knit-bombing story. Ever. (Thanks, Elizabeth and The Yarnery for the tip). I honestly don't even know what to say about this, except that the term "Olympic Proportions" is most appropriate!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

FOs ~ Knitting and House

I've been a busy bee.

First of all, I finished Cold Mountain (Knitty summer 2009), which I started in August, put down for quite a while, and then became obsessed with it when I picked it back up again. Better pictures once it's dry.

I also painted the kitchen this weekend. The kids helped a lot and it went really fast. No more passé sponge paint, just a minty green that is officially called "apple mist" (needless to say, Boy-child hates it).

And today was a glorious spring day - our first sixty plus degree day since fall. Took a lovely walk along the river this afternoon. I'm wondering if this tree will have four families in it again this year:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Women's Health Experts Speak Out

Thanks to The Kat for the link to Women's Health Experts Speak Out - It's great to know what the experts are thinking!

I hear that Rick Santorum's latest target is single moms, which is also linked to that Wisconsin issue making equal pay for women more of a battle than it's supposed to be that The Kat also brought up recently.

It's just all kind of weird and time-warpy, don't you think?

Don't forget - International Women's Day is tomorrow!

I think I'll go scrub my kitchen floor now. It's such a satisfying passtime.

image from here