Monday, August 27, 2012


There is a retrospective of Roy Lichtenstein's art at the Art Institute in Chicago, which I had an opportunity to see while dropping Boy-child off at school. I've always liked his work but the retrospective taught me a lot of things I hadn't known before. It's a great show.

Here are a few highlights:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daylily Shawl

I finished the Color Affection in Not-my-usual-colors. It reminds me of the daylilies that grow in the alley, so I decided that would be a good name for it. This first photo has what is probably the most accurate color:

It was fun and quick to knit - might have to make another!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Home Again

I'm back home...with my loot from Loopy in Chicago (I am weak, and pathetic when it comes to yarn; aren't the colors and their names amazing?).

Also, I think the Road Ranger name is boring, and that they should drop the "n" so that it's "Road Rager" - dontcha think?

I love trains and everything associated with them.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wisconsin and Chicago

You can find an amazing variety of scenery and Americana in one day's worth of driving.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Boy is Packed

Off to college!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Woman on the Verge

I finally achieved my goal of growing all the ingredients to make gazpacho. The farm produced it all, and it's quite good (I did not include onion, because I can't eat onion, so it's a very individualized recipe).

It seems especially appropriate given that I have been on the verge of a nervous breakdown* these past weeks, what with all the showings and open houses, and getting everything together for Boy-child to go to college. So many documents, signatures, phone calls and other miscellany needed for both. Overwhelming.

No more fresh flowers for a while; the house sold yesterday. Halleluja. The inspection is this afternoon, so keep fingers crossed that they don't require too many fixes.

I may be having a packing party at the end of September. Stay posted.

*I did not put any pharmaceuticals into the gazpacho. If I can't get a decent night's sleep pretty soon though, I may add something into the next batch.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On Houses, Knitting, Harvest, and Mustard

Boy-child and I were homeless again on Sunday, so we went to The History Center. It was great. They say flowers are good for an open house, so I bought some. It's a wonderful excuse, isn't it? No offers yet. My neighbor is absolutely adorable; she brings me flyers from other houses that are on the market in the neighborhood, with annotations that tell me how much cuter my house is and how crappy the other kitchens are...

The Color Affection shawl, which I'm doing in colors outside of my traditional palette, is coming along nicely.

The harvest at the farm has been good. I started some gazpacho tonight, but I need to pick a few more tomatoes tomorrow night on my way home from work. I also threw in some basil and rosemary; can't wait 'till it's ready.

And finally, I stopped at the neighborhood deli the other day. While I waited for my sandwich, I noticed that they have an amazing number of mustards and horseradishes. Ninety-four, I believe; at least that's how many I counted. This photo shows only one side of the shelf that holds them:

Saturday, August 4, 2012

On Knitting, Caretaking and Women

I finished Auntie's chemo cap. A pity that Rowan Calmer is to be discontinued...any suggestions? Has to be non-wool fiber. I think the next one will be Koolhaas or Shedir (a girl's gotta have at least two chemo caps, dontcha think?).

Thursday and Friday night were spent at Auntie's house, taking her to hospital Friday morning and making sure she did ok the first 24 hours after surgery - something that had to be done before chemo starts next Friday. She came through with flying colors. (She's one tough cookie.)

Also, I was paid the highest of compliments...apparently after Red Hot Art, Sarah's Adam suggested that if she ended up being like me when she's in her 50s, she'd be doing ok. I told Auntie that I was delighted to find out that I might be a role model for someone, like she has been for me!