Saturday, August 4, 2012

On Knitting, Caretaking and Women

I finished Auntie's chemo cap. A pity that Rowan Calmer is to be discontinued...any suggestions? Has to be non-wool fiber. I think the next one will be Koolhaas or Shedir (a girl's gotta have at least two chemo caps, dontcha think?).

Thursday and Friday night were spent at Auntie's house, taking her to hospital Friday morning and making sure she did ok the first 24 hours after surgery - something that had to be done before chemo starts next Friday. She came through with flying colors. (She's one tough cookie.)

Also, I was paid the highest of compliments...apparently after Red Hot Art, Sarah's Adam suggested that if she ended up being like me when she's in her 50s, she'd be doing ok. I told Auntie that I was delighted to find out that I might be a role model for someone, like she has been for me!


kmkat said...

You are an excellent role model!

soxanne said...
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soxanne said...

Well, two things:
1) when they called me the responsible adult at the hospital I laughed. When I'm with Auntie, she's the adull (and role model). And,
2) lately my mistakes have been looming large, which occasionally overshadow that which I have done right. I am happy to report that this phase is almost over ;-)

Rose the Gypsy said...

Look at Rowan All Season Cotton. It is an Aran weight - but is nice and soft cotton blend. Knits up nicely.
BTW, I think you are a role model! Knit happy!