Thursday, August 29, 2013

Art and Shoe Art and Shoes

I volunteered for the Knitters' Guild at the Minnesota State Fair this year.  Lucky for me it was on a day that was not too hot.

I love looking at the knitting and also the Fine Arts Building.

It's hard to photograph knitting through glass cases.

This shoe was pretty awesome and photographed well enough though.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a thing for shoes?

I even found myself a pair of ruby slippers recently. 

You can call me Dorothy :-)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Andrew's Adventures

This is a friend's boy.  Before he started walking from Italy to China he rode his bicycle from here to Patagonia and back.  He even stopped to visit at our house in Chile on the way.

The story about being in a boat that sunk after being hit by a whale is absolutely true.

His mother and I were at the U together, we were pregnant together, raised our kids together.   It's always remarkable to see your children and those close to you grow up, but this adventure goes above and beyond the usual.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Knitting Inventory

Let's take inventory, shall we, of what we have OTN.   After my June debacle of the summer sweater I lost my knitting mojo for a while.*

There is the red sweater. I started it three times, and have now made enough modifications to the pattern that I think it's going to work.  This is my only fun project right now.  It's Girl-child's birthday/Christmas gift.  Since it's August I have to get cracking on it (especially in case I end up having to rip it out to re-knit it!).

Yes, that stockinette really curls up before it's blocked and without the button band. The lace around the top will look great when it's blocked, I think, and it will have a little of the same around the bottom of the sleeves too.

I have the socks which were started in April.  Both heels have been turned since ages ago; it's time to decide who the recipient will be so I can finish the feet.

And I have a pair of navy socks started for Boy-child ... not easy to get excited about.

I was thinking I should be done with Christmas knitting before I go on the cruise, although that may not be very realistic.   I plan to make a scarf for The Gypsy's son too, as a thank-you for putting us up the night before the cruise on his hotel points.

Living in the lap of luxury, I am!

*Perhaps my knitting is suffering because my life not quite so out of whack now?   I don't seem to be focused enough to get much knitting done these days.  When I think about how many pairs of socks I used to churn out every year it makes me wonder.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On Verandahs

We have had some truly spectacular weather days here lately. People who think discussion of the weather is trivial do not live in Minnesota.

Last night I was delighted to join some friends at The Woman's Club near downtown Minneapolis.

We had a glass of wine on the rooftop overlooking Loring Park before dinner.

The Basilica sure does look wonderful, doesn't it? I don't believe I've ever been inside before. I guess I'll have to put that on my to-do list.

In gardening news, I'm afraid there have been surprises - not all of them welcome.

In fact, the cucumber is not a cucumber.  It is an eggplant.

The bell peppers, one green and one red, are in fact two red peppers, one bell and one unknown.

The evenings on the balcony are flowery and peaceful though; wonderfully enjoyable with the good weather.

There are fewer trees now than there were at the beginning of the summer, which is kind of sad.

But it's still lovely.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Wedding!

We had a wedding yesterday, and thanks to the recently passed law in Minnesota, it was even legal.

Girl-child got herself a wife!

Boy-child spoke long enough to have everyone in stitches.

There was dancing.

And little girls in fancy dresses.

Everyone had fun.  We toast The Girls and wish them well as they start this new chapter together :-)