Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Andrew's Adventures

This is a friend's boy.  Before he started walking from Italy to China he rode his bicycle from here to Patagonia and back.  He even stopped to visit at our house in Chile on the way.

The story about being in a boat that sunk after being hit by a whale is absolutely true.

His mother and I were at the U together, we were pregnant together, raised our kids together.   It's always remarkable to see your children and those close to you grow up, but this adventure goes above and beyond the usual.



kmkat said...

OMG. His poor mother must worry herself sick. Or perhaps she is past all that and just enjoys his adventures vicariously.

is the blog of a British doc who is cycling across six continents to raise money for (something, I don't remember what, but it is a good cause). My internet friend Jocelyn and family met him when he was cycling though Turkey. I followed his blog down the length of Africa and up the length of South America, but his blog got axed in one of my periodic too-much-to-read purges.

soxanne said...

Yes, she's had a hard time of it. I think she's come to terms with it now though. The little pinpoints on the map are where he's checked in with a GPS "I'm ok" device that he has had with him throughout.

I met Dan Buettner years ago - his wife is Spanish. My brother did a lot of crazy things in his day. It's amazing what kids will do. Astonishing how resilient they are.