Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Wedding!

We had a wedding yesterday, and thanks to the recently passed law in Minnesota, it was even legal.

Girl-child got herself a wife!

Boy-child spoke long enough to have everyone in stitches.

There was dancing.

And little girls in fancy dresses.

Everyone had fun.  We toast The Girls and wish them well as they start this new chapter together :-)


kmkat said...

That law makes me happy. Congratulations to everyone involved! What a lovely occasion.

Chelsea said...

Oof, I just love all the smiles! Tell girlchild&wife that your knitter friends are heaping good thoughts in their direction.

Fede y familia said...

En casa todos nos sentimos muy felices.
Muchos, muchos besos.

soxanne said...

Thanks ... I've directed The Girls to read the comments on this post so that they can enjoy all your kind wishes and bask in the glow a little longer :-)

Mary Lou said...

Congratulations to all! Looks like a fun event. Best wishes for a long happy life together.