Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

We had a pretty low-key holiday this year. There was vegetarian paella for Christmas Eve ...

And there were gifts ...

Some socks, some toys and some books ...

Some mittens too ...

In the morning I made waffles and the children watched another movie (we watched The Grinch on Christmas Eve, and Love Actually after the children went to bed).

I received crayons with my name on them:

Girl-child made this awesome piece using my grandmother's recipes (I'll try to snap a better pic later):

And I got a CD mix with new music :D

I'm all set to go to Tampa for work tomorrow ... plenty of music, reading material and knitting packed.   

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nautical Knitting 2016

Rose the Gypsy and I went on another Nautical Knitting cruise with Melissa Leapman.

Here are our fearless teachers on opening night:

It was party, party, party ... so then we had to relax on the terrace to recuperate :)

There were three ports of call - St Thomas, USVI was first:

The food and drink on the ship was great, including but not limited to a tapas restaurant:

Keeping with the Spanish theme, my drink was called "Tie Me Up Tie Me Down"

We also stopped in Tortola, BVI:

The ship was the Norwegian Escape.  It is kind of big:

There was an obstacle course on the top of the ship which I successfully completed (thankyouverymuch).

Last stop was Nassau, Bahamas.

And then back to the harsh reality of the port of Miami:

I came home to snow, though, which makes me very happy.

'Twas a good time ... relaxing, good company, knitting classes and great service ... all while floating through the tropics!