Monday, October 17, 2016

Art and Kids and Stuff

There is always interesting stuff at the Textile Center but this piece by Julie Sirek really amazed me.

It's called Once Again and it is a big circle made of handcut paper and pins.

Also in art, I recently went to see the quilt exhibit at the American Swedish Institute.

Since I went with The Girls and The Kids we ended up in the playroom to, well, play.

And rest.

And play.

And, apropos of nothing, you never know what you might see coming up the street.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Surprise Package

Rose the Gypsy recently returned a needle that she borrowed from me back in April.

She added a couple of things to the package...

Thing the first:  A sock blank from Yarnover New York (who knew?) in color "I Love Yarn" (d'ya think?).  She got it at Annie & Co.  How is it I have never been to that shop?

What is particularly brilliant about the sock blank is that the contrasting cuff and toes are built right into the blank.

I am not going to knit the socks quite yet because I enjoy the blank as an objet d'art.

Thing the second:  She also sent a book to help me use up my leftovers, which I am still not very good at.

I am planning on taking leftovers on the cruise in December to make Christmas mittens for the grandkids ... that should work, right?  I mean, if I'm on a boat in the tropics and I pack odd balls and leftovers I will get some used up ... right?