Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Knitting Inventory

Let's take inventory, shall we, of what we have OTN.   After my June debacle of the summer sweater I lost my knitting mojo for a while.*

There is the red sweater. I started it three times, and have now made enough modifications to the pattern that I think it's going to work.  This is my only fun project right now.  It's Girl-child's birthday/Christmas gift.  Since it's August I have to get cracking on it (especially in case I end up having to rip it out to re-knit it!).

Yes, that stockinette really curls up before it's blocked and without the button band. The lace around the top will look great when it's blocked, I think, and it will have a little of the same around the bottom of the sleeves too.

I have the socks which were started in April.  Both heels have been turned since ages ago; it's time to decide who the recipient will be so I can finish the feet.

And I have a pair of navy socks started for Boy-child ... not easy to get excited about.

I was thinking I should be done with Christmas knitting before I go on the cruise, although that may not be very realistic.   I plan to make a scarf for The Gypsy's son too, as a thank-you for putting us up the night before the cruise on his hotel points.

Living in the lap of luxury, I am!

*Perhaps my knitting is suffering because my life not quite so out of whack now?   I don't seem to be focused enough to get much knitting done these days.  When I think about how many pairs of socks I used to churn out every year it makes me wonder.


kmkat said...

Re: the socks. I wear a size 8.5 shoe, just so you know. But you should also know I beg for every available knit or yarn I ever read about, so don't feel obligated ;-)

soxanne said...

LOL! Thanks for the size info...

monster said...

My sweater! There is so much more of then when I last saw it. :)

Mary Lou said...

That red is beautiful. And do you put reinforcing in along the entire sole? (I almost wrote soul, perhaps that means I need some reinforcing there!)

soxanne said...

Not the entire sole - just across the bottom of the heel until the gusset deceases are done. And the toe. Those are the two places where we get holes. Boy-child likes contrasting reinforcing thread :-)