Monday, August 27, 2012


There is a retrospective of Roy Lichtenstein's art at the Art Institute in Chicago, which I had an opportunity to see while dropping Boy-child off at school. I've always liked his work but the retrospective taught me a lot of things I hadn't known before. It's a great show.

Here are a few highlights:


kmkat said...

What did you learn? (I know little or nothing about Lichtenstein.)

soxanne said...

I didn't know that he dabbled in so many different styles - inspired by (and sometimes making fun of) other artists' work, and I didn't know that he started out as a Pop Artist (as in, he didn't work his way into it from a different type of art). I never realized that the Micky Mouse with Daffy Duck piece, specifically, was so important to the Pop Art movement.

I especially loved the pieces based on Picasso's work.