Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Woman on the Verge

I finally achieved my goal of growing all the ingredients to make gazpacho. The farm produced it all, and it's quite good (I did not include onion, because I can't eat onion, so it's a very individualized recipe).

It seems especially appropriate given that I have been on the verge of a nervous breakdown* these past weeks, what with all the showings and open houses, and getting everything together for Boy-child to go to college. So many documents, signatures, phone calls and other miscellany needed for both. Overwhelming.

No more fresh flowers for a while; the house sold yesterday. Halleluja. The inspection is this afternoon, so keep fingers crossed that they don't require too many fixes.

I may be having a packing party at the end of September. Stay posted.

*I did not put any pharmaceuticals into the gazpacho. If I can't get a decent night's sleep pretty soon though, I may add something into the next batch.


Silvernfire said...

Yay! Selling house, making gazpacho: all good and wonderful things. Did you plan that the color of the gazpacho and the color of the rose coordinate? ;)

kmkat said...

That is my favorite color rose -- beautiful. And gazpacho, mmm. I bet it is particularly scrumptious when made with home-grown ingredients.

I am so happy about your house selling.

Mary Lou said...

Congratulations! And every time I eat Gathpacho I think of that movie, I have always wanted the espresso pot earrings she wore. Now you get to shop for new digs, fun, but more stress?

Chelsea said...

Congratulations on the sale! And I have lots of helping-friends-move karma to pay back, so let me know if I can be of assistance.

Fede said...

Realmente tiene un aspecto estupendo. El gazpacho permite quitar o añadir algunos ingredientes y seguir siendo tan refrescante y apetitoso. A mí me gusta sin pepino.
Mucha suerte para M.