Sunday, June 21, 2009

River Views, Bridges and Perspective

Back in the day when I was a student in Salamanca, I found the Roman bridge to be one of the many magical elements of the town.

Of course, although it's a couple thousand years younger, we have the Stone Arch Bridge here in the Twin Cities, where the city of Minneapolis was born. We went to the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts today - P's choice for a Fathers' Day activity.
I like the old mill ruins on the river. Some day I will go to the museum.

And although I will always like the old Guthrie better, the new one has very cool (if impractical) architecture.
I'd never seen it from this angle before:
I think the end of the Guthrie bridge kind of looks like a tree house when you look at it from the Stone Arch Bridge:
There are tours of the area available - on Segways. I think they look ridiculous:
There were many interesting things at the art fair, but this frog and troll were fantastic:

I rather liked this perspective as well.

Should have brought my fishing pole:


Suzique said...

Wowsa! pretty dang fantastic scenes there! I'd feel blank if I hadn't at least spotted the fish-in-ice at Lunds.

one of those fish said...

Long, long ago I used to live up the street from the could not "pay" people to come to that side of the look at and art fairs on the bridge, oh my!