Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On the Senate Race and Weird News

So, while I was volunteering Monday night helping a young woman prepare for the citizenship test I was reminded that Minnesota still has only one senator. The second seat for Senate is still hung up in the courts. For those of you who aren't from around here, it's a counting issue. I tried to impress upon my student Monday night that the courts don't decide who won the election, the courts decide if the votes were counted properly ... it's kind of weird, and near impossible to explain - this sort of thing does not normally happen in the United States. This is a fluke.

It's kind of like when the bridge fell into the river and P said, "This does not happen in the U.S."

...anyway, today I looked at the news and lo, a Ramsey County court has ordered Norm Coleman to pay Al Franken $95K - part of his defense cost. We don't have the Senate seat filled yet, but it is some consolation.

In other news, two deer stumbled into downtown Minneapolis this morning. Marquette and 8th? They weren't window shopping. Maybe looking for somewhere to eat? It cost them though; both were put down. I'll have to ask one of the wildlife people at the U why that was necessary, because the article does not make that clear to me at all.


Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure out where those deer wandered FROM. Not a lot of forests at 8th & Marquette.

Suzique said...

and I wasn't even the official election bean counter. if I had been we could all understand why there's only one senator.

re the deer, on the news they said the tranquilizer bullets/shots would have taken too long to take effect, and the deer could have moved on to the freeway by then. I think they were looking for a detour since 94 was closed off on one side.