Monday, June 8, 2009

Gloomy Monday

It's been raining since Saturday morning, and I think that even though we really, really needed it, we're all really, really sick of it and we're ready for some sunshine now.

So I revert to file photos again.

We saw a very good movie over the weekend, The Man in th Glass Booth. I found it at the library and checked it out because, well, it's from the library and there's no risk. We almost gave up on it but were curious about where the protagonist's craziness was going. Plus we really didn't have anything else to do. We're glad we stuck with it. Don't read the box or the plot summary if you can help it.
And in all fairness, I didn't knit everything in yesterday's photos - Girl-child knit a few things, there is one alpaca scarf from Chile and there are a couple of things that girlfriends crocheted.

Still, I guess it's true, I have knit a lot of stuff.

Debbie, one of my regular morning bus drivers, saw P's yellow sock this morning and she wants it. A lot. I'll have to be sure to carry something else in my bag on days I'm on Debbie's bus.
Girl-child and I also watched all/some of Lilo and Stitch (one of her all time favorites) and Fried Green Tomatoes (what's not to love?). Movie therapy.

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Anonymous said...

Movie therapy. I love it.