Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Around Town

I started a new volunteer "job" yesterday afternoon at a public library. I'll be helping people with GED, ESL and Citizenship test preparation, as well as other assorted stuff. Yesterday I helped a woman study the vital signs section of the nursing assistant test. I haven't done any volunteer work for a long time and it feels good to be back into it.

In the meantime, I dug up some photos from the files again. This is a photo of the clock at the old courthouse taken from the Central Library downtown. I took it when I went for my initial "interview" for volunteering. The early morning light gave it a dreamy look, I think:

And P pointed this out when we were walking through Dinkytown one afternoon - the backside of those cute little shops can be quite messy:

I started a new sock monkey too, for Girl-child this time. I'll try to take some photos tonight, depending on how far I get with it.

Boy-child did not make much progress over the weekend and everyone's pretty angry with him right now, so let's hope that this week brings progress.

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