Sunday, August 31, 2008

Knitting Update

I was going to title this entry "Not Politics" but I have to include a picture of my new knitting bag, which disqualifies the post from the non-political realm:

They really liked the bag at Urban Knitters yesterday. I hope to be able to use it tomorrow at the RNC opening. (It's available at CafePress).

I had lunch today with Girl-child and she didn't seem to remember the Poseidon sock I had started at the August Drunken Knitters get-together, so here it is:

And I finished my first pair of Mother's Day socks yesterday using the Yukon bamboo that I got at The Yarnery. The pattern is Reversi by Mean Girl:


Anonymous said...

Those socks look even better on than they did at UK yesterday ... and that bag ... my, oh my, that bag!!!
the fish person

kmkat said...

Excellent bag!