Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning

We went to The Guthrie last night and saw The Government Inspector. Very enjoyable. Really, you can't go wrong with The Guthrie even though the new building is not as nice as the old one. (Frankly, I think the new building sucks. I mean, who wants to walk through a restaurant to get to their nose-bleed seat with no leg room?) Girl-child was checking out the bios in the program to see which crew members studied at the U (several, including the stage manager).

I finished the gift socks this weekend (no picture) and started a blue sock while at Drunken Knitters Night that may become a Poseidon sock (no picture of that either) and also started a plain sock with some Regia (nope, no picture).

I think maybe I have a problem.

Anyway, in between Drunken Knitters and The Government Inspector I was sorting through my mom's stuff and getting ready for a charity pick-up. It's amazing how much stuff a one bedroom apartment can hold. It's also amazing how little stuff a person really needs, 'cause a lot of what I have taken and had sent over to the nursing home has not even been unpacked.

Time to clean out my house.

We also managed to go to Market Bar-B-Q, watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (taped) and I have only a little over 100 pages left in my book, World Without End.

Oh, and Boy-child found a video/DVD rental place with about a gazillion titles down on 15th and Nicollet, but alas, they do not have Storm Center with Bette Davis. It's not available for home viewing :-(

And of course, with the ramp up to the election, there has to be something political added. Today it comes from

Oh, and I got a fab new bumper sticker - I promise next post will have some pictures!

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Excellent someecard.