Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Blues

KMKat inspired me to re-examine the colors and layout of the blog ... I'm sure I'll waste plenty more time before I decide how I want it for the next ____months (before I change it again).

My hubby got me these fab earrings at the Uptown Art Fair. He went with Girl-child and her best friend while I worked on sorting out stuff at my mother's apartment. Hopefully I'll be able to go with next year... I know they have amazing things there - many of them quite pricey but beautiful all.

And I inadvertently started another pair of socks this weekend. Not sure how that happened ... they're made out of the Casbah that I got for Mothers' Day. I used blue reinforcement thread on the toe which makes it a little too blue, but tolerable. I'll maybe look for a different reinforcer color for the heel.

And I simply must post a flower picture since I have been diligently watering so that they don't all shrivel up and die in the heat:


Susan said...

Wooooo hooo!! beautiful page! I love what you've done. and your impatiens (did I get that right?) are lovely. My whole yard looks ready to catch fire the way I94 did this weekend....

Anonymous said...

I like the new layout ... and your photo ... a gift from the art fair ... wow ... I've spent the weekend printing things ... so I got a gift too ...!!
fish person

kmkat said...

Is that a different assortment of socks in your banner? I love them all.