Friday, August 22, 2008

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

So I found a very cool page on MPR that has interesting fair numbers here

… and to continue my Fair musings/observations:

I was sorry that I forgot to take my camera, but then I thought maybe it didn’t matter, ‘cause how could you explain to a person who asks, “Hey, are you taking my picture? Why are you taking my picture?” and your only response would be, “Well, I just wanted a picture of you to put under ‘fashion disasters’ on my blog.”

I had to look at The Sartorialist when I got home.

I am sorry I didn’t get a shot of the fat, old guy in the Superman suit outside of the main entrance though.

There are always the people who wear matching outfits … I suppose that makes it easier to find one another? … and then there are WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE who wear clothing that is two sizes too small for them. I always want to pull them aside and say, “You know, if you wore clothing that fit, you would not only look a lot better, you’d probably be more comfortable too. Have you ever thought about wearing clothing that fits?”

And the women in heels.

And barefoot kids let loose from their strollers to run around (eeewwwww!!!!!!!!)

And skin fried by the sun.

And there was that woman whose breasts were falling out of her top and I wanted to say to her, “If you really wanted to share that tattoo with the world you should have put it somewhere else, ‘cause I am NOT enjoying that tattoo at all!”


I know, I'm far from ideal myself, but ya really gotta wonder sometimes...

And what is with people who don’t understand that the kids are exhausted and need to go home? How would those parents like it if someone yelled at them when they were tired and needed a nap?

Now, I may be the only person at the Fair who has a hard time finding something to eat. Wow. Not so easy. I ended up with an Italian sausage for dinner and a lingonberry ice cream cone for dessert.* Yum. I find the idea of deep fried twinkies and candy bars so revolting I couldn’t bring myself to try the fried green tomatoes (which actually interest me, if nothing else because of the movie). Then I was going to have a beer but thought better of it since I had no idea what the volunteer stint would be like. Good thinking. We were really busy.

We got all types - from the cranky one who complained about EVERYTHING … “Wool is just too hot; I’m menopausal you know ... Cotton is too hard to work with (and then, when offered soy or corn fiber) ...oh, I don’t like the feel of that…” (maybe you should try something different, like, button collecting?) - to the dad with three kids who all knit … and one them was FASCINATED with socks (my kind of kid!).

And what a lot of BEAUTIFUL things are on display in the Creative Activities building. Really. Inspirational. I’m hoping we go as a family on Monday so I can peruse things more carefully. (Many people suggest that I submit things to the Fair, but I’m really not interested in what others think of my handiwork. I enjoy making it, I enjoy using it, I enjoy seeing my friends and family enjoy what I make for them. And that’s enough for me.)

The end of the night was a little tricky since all of us who were scheduled ‘till 9:00 had taken the bus there, but we packed everything up, divided it up and, hopefully, everything will show up at the Guild meeting next month.

So that's it for now.

*Oh, and a cashew salted nut roll to save for later – which I just had a couple of bites of right now. Double yum!

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Anonymous said...

ok .. I love the scarf on the gal in Ostermalm Stockholm and I had "What Not to Wear" playing on the tv in the background ... you know you COULD have a job in TV ... you sound just like Stacy and Clinton in your observations! Maybe they should do a State Fair show, yes?
the fish person