Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun Weekend

Just so that you all know, all was not drudgery over the weekend.

We went to the State Fair family-style and saw small animals as well as large ones:

The Sock-Monkey-Lady had a piece in the Fine Arts Building this year (those are sock monkeys going through a meat grinder - gotta lover her sense of humor):

These are the disgusting twinkies I mentioned earlier (I wasn't making it up):

We went for a ride on a cable car and saw topiary turtles:

We saw all types of food on sticks - even hot-dish (that's a casserole if you're not from here) and boulders on sticks too:

We also went to The Walker for mini-golf and found this delightful hill of signs:

This one was my favorite:

The happy golfing family:

The final scores:

The boxes are still here, the lawn still has to be mowed, but I'm sure it can wait. Girl child moves into her dorm on Tuesday .... we had to have some fun!


Susan said...

Wow, you've been busy and I can't say I'm not a little jealous...

But I'm wondering who took the Fair Fotos since you didn't bring your camera (must have been one the the three other golfers, eh?).

Nice pic of the 08 sign, and of the bunny (but chickens are better)).

U Know Who

Anonymous said...

Great sign!