Thursday, August 21, 2008

Whatta Day!

So after taking it fairly easy this morning I went out to Prior Lake with Auntie to finish packing my mother's place and wait for the Salvation Army/ARC to come and pick it up.

I thought I might loose it when I saw the empty place, but I held up remarkably well. I'm sure the fact that I have boxes all over my dining room helps. Relief overcomes grief. I never realized that while dealing with an elderly parent, Alzheimer's, the whole thing, that dealing with the "stuff" would be so difficult.

But it's done. It was too little for a sale, too much to give away, but give it away I did. They were very appreciative. I have boxes to send to my brothers and for one of my nephews and then I'll stuff more boxes in my basement and face it another day.

When I got home from that, I changed my clothes, got my knitting bag and hopped on the bus to the State Fair where I volunteered for the Minnesota Knitters' Guild in the Creative Activities building.

We were busy. Lots of interested people.

Of course, I went early enough to look over all the beautiful things and see what won ribbons. To my delight, Shelly won blue for her blankie and also the Sweepstakes (among other prizes). It was so fun, 'cause while I was admiring it in the case, a woman standing next to me said, "Is that knitted?" Yes, I replied, it's knit out of leftover sock yarn. I think she didn't believe me at first. We talked a bit about it and I told her about Shelly's blog and she said, "So you know her?" and I said ....

Yes, she taught me how to knit.

That's it for tonight... I'm pooped.. I'll try to post nasty comments on fair-goers tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

May I tell you again how delighted I am that you and knitting have taken to each other so well? who knew?
the fish person