Tuesday, September 2, 2008

March on the RNC

We had a good time marching downtown St Paul Monday.

There was a certain tourist-y feel to it, being that it started at the Capitol:
The crowd was large and took a while to get organized:

But the parade finally got started with this up front (it was a peaceful group, no matter what the media says. Most of the people there were peaceniks)

There were veterans of all ages:

There were Men in Black:

There were puppets:

Some of the puppets even had pets:

And there were dancers to entertain us along the way:

There were moments when it didn't feel like we were in Lake Wobegon any more:

I'm sure I've never seen full riot gear in the U. S. before:

This guy was ready to arrest people:

I think some of these people were arrested later on (I told Girl-child to keep her distance):

In the end, we were allowed freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, and we did not prevent anyone from participating in the political process, or destroy anyone's property.


PR said...

Your narrative & pictures are interwoven as seamlessly as your socks!

kmkat said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting pictures of the St. Paul police in their full riot gear. #2 son has some photos but he has been unable to email them to me; technical difficulties, I guess.

Can I use your photos on my blog (with full credit, of course)?