Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Time Voter + Sock Update

Girl-child made it home yesterday to vote in the Primary.

First time voting. How exciting is that!?!?

And since no one votes in Primaries it was a perfect way to have a dry-run before the rush in November.

In the meantime I finished the triple-berry socks and the first of the back to school socks (the colors are fairly accurate):

I had a close call yesterday; on a packed bus my reinforcing thread popped out of my bag and started rolling around. Wow, how embarrassing would that be, to have half the bus tangled up in my sock-in-progress? Luckily, when the driver stopped I was able to step on it to regain control of the spool...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah, but, what a great picture that would have made ... an entire bus with reinforcing thread wound around their ankles ...
could be your versions of Harlot's traveling sock ... where in the world is Anne's reinforcing thread?
fish person