Sunday, September 21, 2008

Knit Apologia

I'm sorry I keep posting depressing stuff about the election. I keep telling myself I'll stop, but then I find another little something in the news that pushes all my buttons and I find myself ranting again.

In an attempt to lighten things up, this is the main color for my two-colored mittens which I will learn to make on a cruise down the Mississippi; it's booked for early next month. I have a little bit of homework to do before the big day: I am looking VERY forward to the outing - almost in a little kid way.

And here is a shot of the Extremely Boring All Black Socks For Boy-Child (ExBaBSfBc). This is my third attempt at making something that will fit his foot in a fabric I like:
In stark contrast, a pair started for Girl-child:

And a pair started for P - there's actually quite a bit of blue in the yarn that doesn't seem to be visible in the picture. It's a Claudia hand-paint which I have never worked with before but seems to be deliciously sproingy: In movies, we saw New World, which has some beautiful cinematography. Today we bought a fancy new TV so now we have to find another movie with beautiful cinematography so we can appreciate it on an LCD widescreen.

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Susan said...

Help me out here. The river trumps Lake Superior?