Sunday, June 29, 2008

Movies and Such

So it's that time of the year when we celebrate Gay Pride here in the Twin Cities. While we didn't attend the big parade or anything like that, we did go to the Walker Art Center to see Chuecatown. It was described somewhere in the literature as "Almodóvar light", and I'd say that was an apt description. We enjoyed it very much, laughed lots, and reveled in the fact that we were the only family in attendance (yes, that would be P and I with our two kids in a theater full of gay couples). We like to keep them guessing. It reminded me of going to see John Waters last November with the kids.

At home we watched Lars and the Real Girl (thanks for the suggestion, Linda) and we enjoyed that as well.

Only one flop this weekend, and that was The Air I Breathe. A must miss, imho. But two out of three for the week isn't bad!

And just two bits of knitting news, first, Girl-child and I stumbled upon the Urban Knitters group of Needlework Unlimited - had a fun time visiting even tho we didn't stay to knit (maybe next month). *AND* I found out that Sheepy in WBL is planning to have Lorna's Laces new celebrity color, Franklin's Panopticon, so I had her put me on a list to contact when it's available - woo hoo!

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Susan said...

so is Girl-child knitting too? I remember the bowl, but ...?