Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On Graduations and Elections

Last night was a momentous one. Girl-child graduated from high school with honors. Barack Obama won the delegates necessary to secure the nomination of the Democratic party. He spoke next door to the graduation ceremonies downtown, so there we all were…graduates and politicos…the future all together.

My thanks to the people standing in line to hear Obama – they were all cheering the graduates who were passing by. My thanks to the three aunties who joined us for the graduation ceremonies – it was good for Girl-child to have those family members there. My thanks to the very special faculty who made Girl-child’s high school experience a positive one.

And my thanks to the protectors of the populace:

Ok, so I have a hard time being serious for long ... it's a priceless shot, you must admit.

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Mary Lou said...

I was sorry for the grads, but now reading your post, I think maybe it make it more memorable. I can hardly remember my HS graduation, but I hope many years from now I'll remember last night.