Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yes I Am Knitting

Yes, I really am knitting...last weekend was not a good one, but I am back on track now. There is a benefit to sitting around hospital waiting rooms and waiting to hurry up and that is that you can get a lot of knitting done.

This is my Reversi in bamboo/wool which I really like (even tho it's made the least progress lately):

And here is a plain pair of socks I accidentally started for Girl-child - suddenly I'm almost done with the first one (It's amazing how much faster they go when done in stockinette):

And I can't remember if I posted a picture of April's baby's sweater earlier, but it's done and I really like the way it turned out:

Pato's million dollar socks are done (ok, the ends have to be woven in, but last year I took all summer made socks with ends to weave in on the bus for the yarn shop hop in October and that worked really well for me, so I'll probably do the same this year):
Did I mention how they got the nickname? Pato wanted some socks, so I told him to go down to the LYS and find some yarn he liked - my only requirement was that it had to be washable. He came home with a hank of Mountain Colors (the beauty of the color can not be appreciated in a photo). It still makes me giggle to think how they saw him coming! They do have a sock yarn now that is more expensive, but only one.

And while this is a really bad photo, I made a pair of Fetching fingerless mitts for my favorite bus driver, Deb. When they dry and I give them to her I'll try to get a photo of her wearing them. They are a pretty purple color and I gave them real thumbs 'cause I made a pair ages ago and didn't like the thumb technique:

Knitters who want real details can check Ravelry for yarn types, needle sizes, etc. I'll have them posted soon.

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Anonymous said...

I came out to play the geography games and here your have posted so much more stuff ... all the socks are wonderful ... the color in million dollar socks is fabulous and the others are wonderful too and you say you don't knit much? Hrumph!
the fish person