Friday, June 20, 2008

Traveling Companions

Yarn Harlot posted today about a difficult person sitting next to her on a flight to Chicago. She kinneared him. I was unfamiliar with the term before, but am happy to know it now. I will be sure to look for an opportunity to kinnear someone in the future - it will probably be while traveling (there are so many people who irritate - especially while traveling - I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity if nothing else, when I go to Chile in December).

I did find someone who had an even harder time following in-flight rules. This woman not only lit up a cigarette, but she punched the flight attendant and then used both the f* and the n* words to abuse the flight crew.

I am so glad I'm not in the travel industry any more ... I don't think anyone punches out librarians ... I remember last year at the ALA convention in D.C. how excited I was to be a part of a profession that everyone loves ... no one told me horror stories of their library experiences ... (although more than a few librarians have stories...)

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kmkat said...

The library in my teeny-tiny town is next door to a bar. We used to have to settle bar bets.