Monday, February 24, 2014

Further Observations and Ranting

Let's hear it for torn cartilage - the wrist is not broken! 

Of course, I had kind of figured that out by now. Anyway, I only have to use a removable brace/splint for six weeks - Hooray!  Funny how I didn't ever realize until now just how terrible that break was four years ago… 

On a completely different note - This makes me mad … I can feel my blood pressure rise as the train passes the Metrodome every day … what a waste!

They keep blowing it up with limited results.

I saw a wrecking ball hit it today - barely made a dent.  Maybe that's because it was a perfectly sound structure - they're tearing it down because they want a prettier one.   It would be bad enough if they were paying for it themselves, but of course they are not.

On a brighter note, I saw a father/daughter pair on the train Sunday … she was probably about four years old. They were all bundled up and had a snowboard with them. And get this - the dad had a Hello Kitty hat on. How adorable is that?!?!


Mary Lou said...

I won't even get started on the new stadium...grrr. Glad you get a removable brace, even though the torn cartilage can take a while to heal. Can you knit?

soxanne said...

Yes! I can knit :-)