Friday, February 21, 2014

The Wrist Saga: 2014 Edition

Saturday 1pm - After fall at White Bear Lake I cry out, "Well, at least I didn't break anything!"

Saturday 2pm - Starting to hurt

Saturday 3pm - Hurting quite a bit

Saturday 4pm - Decide to go to urgent care

Saturday 7pm - Leaving urgent care still uncertain of whether or not it's broken … looks like a chip fracture of the triquetal although it could be just a badly torn ligament

Sunday - do nothing all day

Monday - find an orthopedic specialist downtown Minneapolis to avoid going across town to the one urgent care was going to send me to on Friday morning

Tuesday - pick up X-rays from urgent care

Wednesday - go to orthopedic specialist in Minneapolis who tells me the same thing I heard Saturday

Thursday - go for MRI of the wrist so he can see the ligament

Friday - work from home because office is closed due to blizzard…sure am glad I didn't keep that appointment across town this morning


Monday - follow up to discuss MRI results

By the time they decide how to treat the problem the wrist may have healed on its own 

Point of interest: Heard the word "shattered" when the Dr was looking over the 2010 break info.  That might explain why I was fairly crippled four years ago compared with this week.  Also, the triquetal was not involved in the 2010 break, so at least I'm not repeatedly picking the same bone ;-)


kmkat said...

Yikes. Glad it seems to be considerably less awful than the 2010 event.

soxanne said...

Yes. Very considerably less awful than 2010. Thanks!