Sunday, February 16, 2014

Art Shanties

Yesterday was my day to visit the art shanties at White Bear Lake.  Girl-Child and DIL created one of them.  Unfortunately I have very few photos because my camera battery died.

There were folks fishing and wind sailing on the lake too.  It's pretty amazing how many people are crazy enough to go out and play on a frozen lake.

The beach is closed; there are no lifeguards. 

There's a polar bear cycle affiliated with the shanties.

The Girls' shanty is Monsters and Robots.

 That would be me.

Robots on the outside, monsters on the inside.

It was lots of fun.  Really cold.  A little snowy.

And icy.  I managed to slip and fall.  Seems I broke my wrist again.  I've always found it supremely ironic that my name means grace.  I have to be one of the most klutzy people ever.


Mary Lou said...

OW! I am so sorry. Maybe I won't go and visit the art shanties today...

soxanne said...

Everyone should GO - it was absolutely worth it!

kmkat said...

Way to bury the lead, lady! So sorry about your wrist. Are you back in a cast and not able to knit? That would suck, so I hope not.

soxanne said...

I'll find out later this week about the cast ...