Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weather Shots

It's wintertime here in Minnesota. It's been a cold winter, with average amounts of snow. We have two kind of people here in the winter, people who love it and people who hate it. The folks who hate it should move.  Me, I really like the snow. I think the cold is tolerable if we have enough snow. 

This year the snow to cold ratio is out of kilter.  Mostly it's just been cold.

I go through the skyway to work now when the weather is  bad…that means every day.  I had not realized until being above the streetlights that those lights are warm, even in the cold, and the warmth causes melt, drip and icicles.  Kind of cool.

This is the view from our lunchroom at work when it's snowing.  Makes me smile.

When it's really cold people get dressed in all kinds of unusual garb.  This woman had a bit of a furry clash going on - the hat, the hair and the collar of her coat.  She was probably pretty warm though, so we'll mark her as fashionably warm.  It's hard to kinnear people when it's cold out, so I don't get many pictures of people dressed for winter weather.

When it's cold you can't even touch metal or it will burn your skin.  This is a shot of the door from inside.  The metal is dark brown when it's not covered in frost.

This is the view from the lunchroom on a cold day - today.  Today it is too cold out to snow.

I heard recently we aren't supposed to blog about weather but I'm not buying it.  I got an email from Australia recently asking what the hell was going on with our weather.  They're burning up there.  He also said that a newspaper in Oz said that people in the Midwest take a sort of sick pride in their brutal weather.

I did not deny it.


Mary Lou said...

Sick pride. Yes, I guess so. And I thought it was too cold to snow somedays and it SNOWED anyway. That stinks. I love the snow, but when it is too cold to play it in I get annoyed. And I have SPCO tickets for this month's DKN, so maybe March.

kmkat said...

So many great photos! I recognize the old Milwaukee Road station (of course) -- it that the roof of the old Federal Building in the foreground? (Yes, I just did a little googling and answered my own queston.) So nice to have a good view from the lunchroom. Back in the day (ww-aaa-yyy back in the day) I used to park in that ramp at the far end of the that endless skyway at the right of the snowy distance photo. And my company's operations center/back office was in the building about halfway along that skyway. Ah, memories.

Sick pride, yup. That's us.

soxanne said...


Thanks to my fellow-sickos!