Saturday, February 22, 2014

Random Observations

  • I just saw Tim's Vermeer
  • Vermeer is a fascinating painter to many people, myself included
  • Hitler too
  • The movie turned my view of Vermeer upside down
  • You should go see the movie
  • The Uptown Theater in Minneapolis now has assigned seating
  • And a full bar
  • They didn't announce that there's a full bar until it was too late to get a beer
  • I had to wait 'till I got home
  • Next time
  • Seeing the movie is part of my new plan to see 30 movies this year
  • Inspired by my friend Dorothy
  • I'm going to count each season of Tales of the City as a Movie
  • And Sherlock
  • I started watching the British Sherlock because my coworkers were talking about it
  • Also Downton Abbey
  • Season finale for Downton is tomorrow
  • Did you see this article about Bates?
  • Also in the news did you see this from The Bloggess?
  • I love Jenny Lawson
  • Venezuela is in the news too
  • My AFS family does not write
  • I don't know if they're ok or not
  • They are incapable of writing
  • We have seen each other here and there over the past 35 years
  • But they don't write
  • Makes me sad, not knowing
  • On a brighter note, I am starting to knit again
  • Nothing fancy
  • But still … it's progress
  • I have new tires on my car
  • Hooray
  • Came in handy today given the state of the roads
  • Which are like washboards

Here are Sunday's photos:

Two of my pet peeves: feet on the seat in the train and butt hanging out of pants

Girl-child took this photo in the elevator at my new building when she and DIL came to visit
Boy-child in his favorite new Christmas t-shirt


kmkat said...

Of course that shirt is Boy-child's favorite -- it is fabulous! I have given up on the current season of Sherlock. The plots got too far-fetched for suspension of disbelief and too convoluted for me to follow whilst knitting. Downton Abbey continues to interest me. Last night Smokey was predicting plot developments far in advance of me, but I did call Bates's pickpocketing first.

soxanne said...

Ah, Downton … we discuss it at work quite a bit. I think the season that just finished was weird, but at least they haven't (definitively) killed anyone off!