Saturday, February 1, 2014

Office Decorating

Girl-child was giving me a hard time after visiting me at the new place of employ because I hadn't decorated enough.  (I think she's pretty horrified at how happy I am to be back in cubicle land.)  Just thought I would show that I've decorated a bit now. 

Cat/dog salt and pepper shaker from Suzie.  Owl coffee sleeve made by Rose The Gypsy.  Library of Congress coffee mug.

Photos of the children at favorite graffiti points (boy at Cadillac Ranch and girl in London).  Sock monkey buddies, postcard encouraging knitters to make socks for the soldiers in WWI.  Card from Sue who thought the bouquet looked like yarn :-)

Favorite photos of the children - several of them were Christmas cards.  On the left is one of the kids in Toledo, Spain - May 2000.  The wire photo holder was a gift from Carol - the holders are in the shape of shoes.  Also a wire bicycle from Fede which is remarkably still in one piece 33 years later.

Librarian, bookish and library photo corner including the librarian action figure comic strip (published when I was in grad school), card with photo of what's probably a bookstore, the public library in Vicuña, Chile, The Brooklyn Art Library and The Morgan Library.  Since I work with an electronic collection I thought it would be good to have some images of physical books.

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kmkat said...

Excellent decorating choices!