Friday, October 1, 2010

How the Days Fly By

Leading a Life of Leisure is no easy task. What is it I do all day besides watch Ellen, you may ask?

Well, the sun came out recently. Blinded us all, it did.
Once the blindness was overcome it was time to Make Hay. This year's hay making activity has been to swab the deck. Some parts needed a second swabbing; this photo was taken after a single round:
It looks a bit better now:
Of course, now the sky has clouded up again, and the leaves are falling, so I don't know if sealing it is going to happen soon.

Another thing I did was clean out some desk drawers. I found this mis-shapen swatch of knitting. Couldn't figure out what it was, what possessed me, what was wrong that it was so incredibly awful and full of holes and uneven. Then it came to me; it's my first swatch from my beginning knitting class. Shelly told us to save the swatch, and save it I did. (note that this photo was taken before scrubbing down the picnic table)
I guess I've come a long way, eh? This is the Citron shawl which is my most recent FO. It was boring as &*%! to make:
Some of the knitting time was spent in Mapps coffee shop on the West Bank. Good chai. It's a great place to stop for a treat after dropping Boy off at work and before visiting my mother.
And this is a random hamburger that someone ordered at Merlin's Rest last time I went to Drunken Knit Night. All I can say is, "Holy cow!"
I also recently watched The Scar with Boy-child; great movie. And Mammoth, as suggested by A Black Pepper (yes the apartment was awesome but the movie, while good, was quite alienating). I'm also reading a fluffy Knit-lit novel: the beach street knitting society and yarn club.

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Suzique said...

The knitting is impressive and I love the coffee cup photo!