Sunday, October 10, 2010

Haunted Hotel

So I spent Saturday in Stillwater, Minnesota with my good friend Susan and I was going to post a bunch of photos. I had the best of intentions. Before I knew it, however, I found myself out of town, in a place overrun by rats with feathers:
Who knew in the Wild West there would be pigeons? How awful! There's no escaping them. Apparently there's no escaping the Republicans either:

I was momentarily all excited about the possibility of this town being able to support a five and dime in the 21st century, but alas, only the sign remains:

This building reminds me of Guthrie, Oklahoma:
The hotel really is awesome. It was built in 1928. Many believe there is a room on the eighth floor that is haunted. I am on the ninth floor:

Anyone who doesn't already know because I told them want to guess where I am?

Soon I'll post photos from Stillwater.

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