Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Cut, You Choose

Autumn is an incredible time of year, I think. I love it. The only bad thing is raking. We lost the yard to fallen leaves a couple of weeks ago. I mean, you don't have to mow when the grass is out of sight, but I'd much rather mow than rake. It's funny, too, how even the nicest neighbor, even the one who shovels a foot or two into your sidewalk space after a substantial snowfall, will not go over the property line in the fall when it's time to rake. It's kind of like when you tell two kids they have to split the last piece of cake and you hand one the knife and tell him, "You cut" and point to the second kid and tell him, "You choose" Never, ever, ever is there a more precise cut. Works every time. Anyway, this is the property line after the nice neighbor raked, before we did:
I'm happy to say we've caught up a bit. The tree in the front yard (above shot is from the front yard, btw) hasn't lost it's leaves yet, so there will be more, but we achieved acceptable levels over the weekend. Our neighbors will not be cursing us when the wind blows this week.

The sun continues to shine; October has been everything that September wasn't.

Still enjoying clouds when they're available.

This is from our hippy neighbors' house. They have a lovely, unconventional yard. I swear you could get high just breathing deeply when you walk by sometimes, the smell of pot is that strong.

It's a colorful yard, and sings the praises of summer well into October:

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Anonymous said...

Raking is awful -- hard on the hands, hard on the wrists, hard on the back. Years ago Smokey started running the lawn mower over the leaves once without the catcher bag on the back, then again with the bag. The first pass chops up the leaves, the second one picks them up. It's still a bit of work to carry the full bags to the compost pile, but it is easier than raking.