Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random With Trees

We had a really windy day here.
Majorly windy.
Pine trees must have the weakest root systems of all the trees around here. Other trees lost limbs only, although in all fairness these were right by the river, so subject to extra wind.
I have been knitting. This is an Odessa hat by Grumperina in a pink Blue Sky Alpaca sans beads. I gave my previous Odessa to one of Boy-child's girl friends (she noticed that others at school had hats made by me and she wanted to join the club).
I like this pattern a lot and the yarn is delicious.
I also made another black hat for Boy's backup and I've started a baby hat for someone at work who is preggers with a boy. I'm hoping my pink phase is over now.

This is a Tea Leaves Cardigan in blue Cascade 220. I've made it past the armholes to the body now, but it's an awful lot of stockinette. It may be a while before I've finished.
Dexter and the fourth season of the Tudors should help, though.

We recently saw the movie M which was really good, and I also saw Surveillance by Jennifer Lynch. It would normally be too violent for me but it was just too brilliant to notice. Brilliant.

This is a tree in South Dakota that I saw recently.
I think it is unlikely to be uprooted.
This is for Girl-child.

She and I recently went to see The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins at the Children's Theater. They had trees in the lobby.

Isn't she adorable?

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Anonymous said...

Pine trees have very small root balls -- that's why they get blown over. A 50-foot tree might have a root ball 2 feet in diameter. Looks mighty silly when it goes over.

I saw the 500 hats play at Children's Theatre about 20 years ago -- it was so cool the way the hats kept reappearing on the actor's head. Never did figure out quite how they did that.

Love the Tea Leaves!