Saturday, October 23, 2010

18 And He Knows What He Wants

Boy-child turned 18 this week. It's kind of a mind-bender for me.

Anyway, he wanted steak paella for dinner, so that's what he got:
Not a combination I would have chosen, but how can you say no to the Birthday Boy? It turned out pretty well.
He thinks he knows what he wants.
I guess we all did when we were 18, Alice Cooper notwithstanding.

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

The paella looks marvelous! Boy-child... not such a child anymore. Happy b'day to him!

Fede said...

Aunque la paella es un palto más para la comida que para la cena, no es una mala elección. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, M. Como suele decirse ya eres un hombre y eso conlleva muchas responsabilidades pero tienes a tu alrededor tres personas que te ayudarán cuando lo necesites. Un fuerte abrazo.