Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday's Musings

It's raining out.

For a change.

Just kidding.

It's been raining forever.

Puts me in a bad mood.

Also makes it very hard to get yard work done.

I did manage to get a few things done the other day.

The day the compost site was closed.

Here's a little story from that day:

I'd been working in the yard on a Tuesday; quite an unusual event for me. Especially this year. Anyway, I was in the house taking a break when I heard the doorbell ring. I wondered as I went upstairs to answer the door if one of my neighbors had noticed I was about. I opened the door wide. There were two young women. Not neighbors. I stood back reflexively. Kind of the way you'd stand back from someone you weren't sure about, safety-wise. The conversation went something like this:

Soxanne: Yes?

Two young women who look like Mormons except I've never seen Mormon women at the door before: (pause) Are there any Spanish speakers here?

S: (hesitates a moment) No, not today!

TYWWLLMEINSMWATDB: Oh, we're looking for Spanish speaking people.

S: Well, good luck with that...


Really, they should have been on the other end of town. When I asked one of my neighbors about it later she said no one had been at her door looking for Spanish speakers. Kinda makes you wonder. I suppose they look in the phone book before they go hunting for their special demographic.

So why do you think they were looking for Spanish speakers? (No right answer here, I didn't ask and they didn't tell).

I'm going to skip re-sealing the deck and dismantle it instead. We'll be able to use the wood to make ourselves a boat. If we can get the door open to go outside; it's sticking big time. I suppose it's just so bloated from the humidity it will just explode one of these days.

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samanthix said...

Qué extraño. "No hay nadie aquí que hable español, señoras." I have no theories about this, either.