Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer to Autumn Knitting

I really did finish this, and I took pictures too. Can't find the FO pics though, so you'll have to imagine it without the needles:
I am very pleased with it and will probably try another pattern by the same person - no seaming involved, all done in one piece.
I feel like I've turned a corner with this sweater - something I was able to do without assistance, I like the outcome and it was interesting to knit.

In the meantime, I've taken this out of Girl-child's hands and am attempting to finish it. It's time for a fitting:
It may be a little long so there may be some ripping back, or if not then only the (short) sleeves have to be done.
The pink is Cerisara from Bonnie Burns' Chic Knits. I think I'll try Keelin next. The teal is Wrenna from French Girl Knits. I can't remember ever working on size 17 needles before; it was fast but unforgiving. The pattern was so-so (probably not a good first lace pattern for Girl-child).

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Anonymous said...

Yarns? Great sweaters.