Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week of Mondays

Although there was no Monday this week, it was a week of Mondays. Every day. By Friday I had to leave early; after finishing a project I found this list of Subject Headings and was laughing hysterically in my office. When The Boss looked at the list she told me it wasn't really that funny and I should go home because I had obviously gone over the edge.

I stand by the fact that the list is hilarious. How many people look for books under these subject headings, do you think?

  • Amicable numbers
  • Drooling (may subdivide geographically)
  • Garbage can models of decision making
  • Grudges (fishes)
  • Postmortem photography
  • Television in birth control
  • Urine dance

Also, it's interesting to note some of the subheadings and number of records at the Library of Congress for: Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946-

--Correspondence (1 record)
--Military leadership (4 records)
--Poetry (1 record)
--Public appearances (2 records)
--Public opinion (2 records)
--Ethics (16 records)
--Juvenile literature (25 records! hmm)

Students are back at the U, Boy-child is in a new school, work is busy, busy, busy.

Girl-child has finally found her perfect schedule. I think that electronic registration has good and bad elements; we probably didn't switch classes much because the process was so cumbersome. Students can now see what's offered, what's open and change their classes in less than five minutes. Girl-child fine tuned over the summer and then this week dumped the film-study prof who reminded her of Woody Allen.

Remember when people liked Woody Allen and thought he was funny?

Of course, modern living has its drawbacks too. After watching the bus race past her without even pretending to stop the other night (and she wasn't the only one waiting for the bus either) some creep stopped his car and asked her if she wanted a ride. Wow. She even said later, "I didn't know that really happened!"

There has been a lot of crime on and near campus in the past few weeks. I feel bad for the small town kids who don't have the skills that city kids have.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I've been knitting a bit. Boy-child wanted a hat, so I found this one. Looks quite plain from the side:
But has some nice shaping at the top:
I also unveiled my latest sock-monkey last night. He's been done for a while but was waiting for the birthday to be celebrated in order to come out of hiding.

On a rather sad note, all of the knit tags we have placed around town have disappeared except for one. My original tag and its answer were taken down recently when the handrail was painted. I've knit a new tag but haven't been able to put it up yet.

We have the post outside of Borealis knits to inspire us, though. I think they did a beautiful job:


Anonymous said...

1. I was holding it together on that list of subject headings; then "Postmortem photography" primed the pump, "Television birth contol" started me giggling, and "Urine dance" finished me off.

2. My friends and I would have killed to have had electronic registration back in the dark days of the late '60s.

3. I REALLY like Boy-Child's hat! Hmmm. Do I need another hat?

4. Time for more knit tags! Those trees and posts and railings are gonna get cold this winter!

Suzique said...

Monkey needs a name; I'm working on it!!!! Monkey is also exploring. First sighting:

I feel very, very lucky!