Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Autumnal Musings

I love this time of year. Although we didn't have a hot summer this year, I normally welcome the end of hot weather plus I love the colors.
Girl-child and I went to see the monster in Lake of the Isles yesterday - see it? Peeking through the flowers?
Here's a better sighting:
The monster is quite friendly with folks in canoes:
Make Way for Ducklings (and ducks) is alive and well in Minneapolis:
I was surprised to see that several houses on the lake are on the auction block. I don't know why I was surprised.End of summer stuff has been keeping us busy at our house. We got a new roof last week. We're not sure what color it is, but we like it.
Girl-child moved into a nice little house in a lovely neighborhood. There are five girls - they all lived in the same dorm last year.
She's fixed up her corner quite a bit already.
It's fun to watch children spread thier wings.
Boy-child is starting a new school today. I'm not going to hold my breath (I could perish in the process), but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Makes it hard to knit though.

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Anonymous said...

Autumn surprises me every year with how beautiful it is.

I didn't realize Girl-Child was old enough to be in college! Yeah, we keep feeding them and they keep growing. It's the darn-dest thing...