Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few Lists

Check out this blog post - A Book Lover's Guide to IKEA Seating.
The second example, a flowered chair, is described as being for readers of books written by women or homosexual men. It brings back memories of a place I lived in while I was in college that was occupied by communists and homosexuals. The furniture? Pink plaid. I didn't find my favorite type of reading chair or any titles of particular interest on the list, but I love the post anyway. I love this guy's sense of humor. I love the concept of seating appropriate to reading material.

This list predicts 50 Things That Are Being Killed By the Internet. I don't agree with a number of them, such as number three: Listening to an Album All the Way Through. Or am I the only one who still does that? And number twenty-nine, The Mystery of Foreign Languages is, I believe, a complete myth - BabelFish can't handle more than a word at a time in most instances and nothing will ever replace reading great literature in the original. Some are dead on, however, such as number seven, Adolescent Nerves at First Porn Purchase (see below), and others which we can hope are true, such as number four, Sarah Palin.

And finally, a list of Historical Fiction from Booklist. Any other lovers of historical fiction out there? Knitting has seriously cut into my reading time, but I have The Enchantress of Florence on my shelf and I love T.C. Boyle so I'll have to find The Women as soon as it's available in paperback.

With that I'll leave the blog and go knit or read a book.

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