Sunday, September 20, 2009

More on Restricted Reading Material and, to Lighten Up, Some Knitted Things

Boy-child received his latest GQ this week. I think he's allowed to purchase this at his age - unrestricted. What does she look like she's waiting for?
I haven't seen a Playboy recently, but this vintage (1968) issue happens to be in the living room at the moment. The picture is blurry because it's wrapped in plastic. Now, imho, this is a much classier, less pornographic cover. Boy-child can not purchase Playboy himself. Of course, if GQ looks like the above picture, who knows what the current Playboy looks like. I guess I'll have to go to Schinder's and have a looksie.
On a much lighter note, after taking a dozen pictures and deciding that the color simply can not be captured, I've settled on this version of "Lavender Fields" by Paigewood Farms. It's being knit up into a simple sock for the mother of a friend for Christmas. I love the yarn.
As a gift for knitting up the gift (I guess we can call it that?) I was sent a second skein of Paigewood Farms in "Sky Blue Pink" which I am trying to make up into a scarf for myself. Pretty hard to tell at this point what it's going to look like. Color is also off on this one.

Did I mention I finally finished those pink socks for Boy-child? With orange reinforcing thread. They look pretty cool. He wants purple next, but that won't be started for a while.
This is a turtle I did by request. I felted it down and am rather dissatisfied with the results. The question is, do I knit up another to see if I can make a better one or just give her something I think is sub-standard?
And finally, the daughter of a friend stopped by with a hat-in-progress-in-need-of-help this morning. That girl has good taste in yarn - Misti Alpaca. We got her all set up and loaned her a couple of books and sent her on her merry way.

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