Sunday, September 27, 2009


All the fuss over the flu.

Boy-child's just been diagnosed with a mild case of it. They gave us drugs 'cause it seems to be morphing into bronchitis and/or sinusitis and who knows what all. This after a meeting last week in which we were given a preliminary outline of what the plan for the University is - just in case such a large number of people are out that they have to start shutting things down. I still don't see how this flu is any more or less serious than any other year's flu but I guess the season is only starting so the real impact remains to be seen...

I really, really liked the doctor. She told Boy-child that my assessment was correct and that she was going by Dr Mom Instinct as much as MD knowledge to a certain degree which I loved because hey, there she was, totally backing me up.

May I also mention that I called Girl-child this morning and suggested that perhaps her plan to jump out of an airplane today was not such a good idea given that it's very windy. Turns out it was canceled because of weather.

Credibility is my middle name.

While we were waiting for our turn at after hours clinic we witnessed a truly pathetic young man so pumped full of self importance that he felt he could leave the waiting area and return as he wished without losing his place in queue. He learned differently. We were none the less relieved when he was finally called in to be seen, if for no other reason than because we wouldn't have to listen to his sighs and moans any longer once he left. I decided that he must be in for a case of The Clap and that he was going to be getting a big shot in the behind and be out in five minutes.

When he was seen on his way out five minutes later I couldn't help but giggle.

The waiting room at clinic did contribute substantially to sock progress. I've now got two heels turned and gussets started for Rosemary's mom's Christmas socks. Color is nowhere near accurate.

Girl-child and I went to the American Swedish Institute yesterday - she checked out museum passes from the library (such a smart girl). We also found copies of both of Audrey Niffenegger's graphic novels at (two different) libraries which is great since Borders doesn't stock them. They're spendy so special ordering could be risky. We did manage to spend some money on line though, for knitting books that are either not available or checked out of the local library. Hers is this one and mine is this one.
So overall, for me at least, it was a pretty good weekend. Hope yours was good too.


Suzique said...

So there's one good thing about the weather, if it kept Girl-Child from jumping out of a plane. Call me chicken (I like them anyway).

the museum passes - I'd seen the promo but didn't realize it required a check out. How novel of the non-profit world to think of that.

good luck with the flu. the tale of the waiting room is very funny! I'm off to hear about health care reform at GD with John Marty & others including the Rev.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Dr. Mom!