Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Five Percent

I feel like such a dork. I was annoyed yesterday with all the people who asked me what I'd voted on. Didn't they know there was a primary? Apparently not. Five percent voter turnout.
At least I didn't spend my morning trying to get out the vote like this guy. There is someone dorkier than I am. And working a hopeless cause (Well, Coleman did win, but it was only five percent of the population, so how much does it mean?)
I love these chairs. Boy-child had fun on the giant one recently.
And these are some of the decorated balloons that we've had hanging around for a while. I finally threw them out the other day. I don't know who did what because I wasn't here for most of the decorating, but I enjoyed having them around - they always made me smile:

I threw them out because I was cleaning. We had friends over. Our friends' nineteen year old son is going on a bike trip. To Argentina. Not kidding. If he makes it, he'll try to stop at our place in Chile.

I the meantime, I got a sock commission today - Pagewood Farms Yukon. One hank for the requested socks and one hank for myself. Yum! Love that yarn.

Speaking of knitting, I went to Knitters' Guild last night for the annual State Fair program; got to hear all of the comments and see all of the beautiful submissions from the fair this year. The woman who won the sweepstakes was particularly heartwarming. I was joined by a friend who's never attended before and it was fun to see the program from a new perspective.

Tonight was book club. There were four of us and we'd all read the book. Amazing. (We read The Outlander by Gil Adamson - a fun read). I took a bag full of socks with to work in the ends - everything I've finished since the weather got warm. I hate weaving in the ends. I made great progress and everyone will have new socks this winter.

Finally, after working on a seditious project at the office with very little hope of a positive result (I'm just that stubborn when I think I'm right) I found out today that we did, in fact, convice The Powers That Be that we were right. Vindicated.

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Anonymous said...

Is that the big green chair by what used to be Honeywell headquarters on E.26th St? I always liked those.

Good work on convincing the PtB!