Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hooray for Cool Weather

The temperature had dropped precipitously here - yesterday was downright cold with the wind.

The benefit? It's sock season.

The Poseidons debuted on Monday, the Monkeys today.

Monday was so delightful at Franklin that I hardly noticed the weather; I had two women studying for the citizenship test. I do believe that is my favorite thing to help people with while I'm there. We have such an amazing system of government and it's lasted so long.

Plus I had new socks to wear.

Yes, they were finished a while back, but not during sock season. Even Boy-child has dug his socks out.

And I received the most delightful thank you today for a pair I finished earlier but hadn't posted a photo of:
See the resemblance?

Also, today we stumbled upon the most amazing thing: The Master List of Nixon Political Enemies. Wow. He really was paranoid.


Anonymous said...

I am hurt. Tricky Dick did not have me on his enemies list. I was his enemy; he just didn't know it.

boo said...

That list is amazing! I love that Barbra Streisand,somehow made that list! oh and yay for socks!